Ikaria - Festive Edit Collection


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Ikaria - Festive Edit Collection


What is Ikaria ?

Bringing back the flavor, Designer Bandana Narula identifies the contrasting mix of opposing energies within a woman. One that personifies strength, discipline and grit through the interesting play of geometrics in the form of "Ikat" and the other a beautiful blend of soft peonies ( peony flowers /florals ) personifying tenderness, grace and calm.

Why Ikaria ?

IKARIA - our latest collection is a splendid play between the contrasting designs that express the beauty in chaos, without doubt our finest yet and is sure to make a statement with its unique blend of class and edginess . 

What we have in Ikaria ?

The range comprises smart co-ords , dresses ,suits and lehengas with a splash of sparkle to complete the set.